Measurement Information

We have an easy and intuitive measurement form where our customers can provide their full or standard body measurements for their orders with us.


How do I provide my measurements for my orders­­


If you are a customer at our shop in Bangkok:


If you have previously visited us at our store in Bangkok and we have tailored clothes for you before, then we will already have your complete measurements on file. Simply email us at and instruct us to use your existing measurements that we have.


If you are a new customer


If you are a new customer and have never ordered from us before, you can quickly and easily provide your measurements to us directly online.


Simply create an account on our site by clicking on the My Account tab above. It takes only a minute to create your account.

Once you have successfully created your account, simply log in with your registered login and password and then click on Measurements


Here you are provided detailed instructions with test, diagram and videos on how and what to measure and can provide either standard measurements and complete body measurements to us via easy our online measurement form.


How can I edit my Measurements in my online Account


You can edit your measurement in your online Account by simply logging in to your Account in our site. Once logged in, click on the Measurements link and then click on edit next to the measurement profile you would like to edit. Once edited click on the submit button to save your new changes. Please note: Your changed measurement will not be immediately changed. Your new measurement changes will first be sent to our master tailor to verify the size and if all looks right we will manually edit your size in your profile. It is necessary for our master tailor to verify your sizes to prevent errors.